Looking for more infos/inserts for unauthorised records?

Reviews at Stiff as Toys and Tall as Men
I guess there has nothing to be said for this one

Universal Cover Generator on My Collection / Trading Page
Has a universal generator for cd inlays, can easily be adjusted to make any inlays you may need

Bootleg Albums at It doesn't matter if we all die ..... find a Cure
Has some scans (and setlists) of vinyl boots not found on this page

The Cure at Figure de proue
New site with home-made covers for various concerts (most not available on 'original' boots)

Unofficial Covers at Hand in my Mouth
Another good site with home-made covers for various concerts

The Boot Insert Page at Fear of Ghosts
Has (small) scans of some 'original' boots (also found on this page) and artwork for some cdr/tape only bootlegs
Looks like this one is gone, does anybody know??

'Fondjaq' at Bannières (French site)
Has (small) scans of some 'original' and cdr/tape only bootlegs (order is about alphabetically)

Cure Bootlegs (under construction at the moment) at working for the disc trade - PART 2
... another site with downloadable artwork, has (small) scans of some 'original' and cdr/tape only bootlegs, too

Bootlegs at the Cure Encyklopedia
Bootlegs (gone?) at Flowers of Love
Bootlegs at Xarwyn's The Cure Bootlegs
These sites took most scans from my page (and have more or less little additional info).

Don't miss to check out
The Cure Concerts Guide
Almost complete guide to all setlists (verified!). Keep on your good work Andreas!

Other sites dealing with visual discographies (of officially released records)

Take a look at my Offisual Discography and the links there
Artwork, track lists and additional info of about 320 records and links to other visual discographies.