Play for Today (The Swingin' Pig Records)

Date/Venue: 24-May-80, Stokvishal, Arnheim, Netherlands
Label/Cat.Nr.: The Swingin' Pig Records, TSP-CD-070
Length: CD: 59'43"

  1. A Reflection
  2. Play for Today
  3. Three Imaginary Boys
  4. In Your House
  5. Fire in Cairo
  6. 10.15 Saturday Night
  7. M
  8. At Night
  9. Accuracy
  10. Jumping Someone Else's Train
    Another Journey by Train
  11. Grinding Halt
  12. A Forest
  13. Seventeen Seconds
  14. Plastic Passion
  15. Boys Don't Cry
  16. Killing an Arab
Additional Info: Another Journey by Train isn't listed on the cover.
two different vinyl versions
with additional inner artwork, see
complete artwork (480 kb)

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