Visions of Domino

Date/Venue: various studio+live 79-85
Label/Cat.Nr.: Funeral Tango, 395431-AS (t.b.verified)
Length: Side 1+2: 49'16"

  1. Inbetween Days (live London, UK, Nov-85)
  2. Close to Me (live London, 11/85)
  3. 10.15 Saturday Night (demo?)
  4. Piggy in the Mirror (demo?)
  5. Shake Dog Shake (live Munich, Germany, 30-Jan-84)
  6. Piggy in the Mirror (live Munich, Germany, 30-Jan-84)
  7. Bananafishbones (live Munich, Germany, 30-Jan-84)
  1. Primary (live Glasgow, UK, 84)
  2. The Walk (live Glasgow, UK, 84)
  3. The Hanging Garden (live Glasgow, UK, 84)
  4. One Hundred Years (live Glasgow, UK, 84)
  5. Play for Today (live Munich, Germany, 30-Jan-84)
  6. Carnage Visors (finished mix)
Additional Info: The Carnage Visors (finished mix) is just a snip from the original, nothing really remixed.
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