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There is Stiff as Toys so why this one? There are two main reasons why I started this discography. First, people keep asking me for scans from time to time, so I thought it may be a good idea to make them all public. And second, it's quite difficult to find out on Stiff as Toys which records feature songs from a specific concert and how sound quality compares. This is especially difficult when trying to get all those b-sides, demos and promo versions. I hope, I'll finally can help with the showindex. Every show found on at least two records is listed there. In addition I'll compare all records which feature b-sides, demos, radio/tv sessions and maybe later also boot remixes. And third, it's a possibility to compare these scans to stuff offered in online auctions (I'm especially tired of those who sell b-side collections on cd-r throwing away the last song in order to shorten the cd down below 74 minutes).

Some words about the scans: All scans of the cds are 150 dpi, highly compressed jpgs (normally using 20% with The Gimp, more if one wasn't able to decipher song titles anymore - resulting in small files and fast downloads). All LP labels are 180 dpi (if you print them as if they were 150 dpi they should fit on a cd-r - in case you ever want to do this). The LP covers differ from 58 dpi (most ones) to 60 dpi (some were made using a scanner, some were made with a digital camera and scaled accordingly) - again having a cd booklet in mind, print them as if they were 150 dpi and they'll (hopefully) fit in a standard jewel case. 7" boot scans are about 98 to 99 dpi (labels 200 dpi).

How can I contribute to this page? There are some things especially in compilations where I don't know from which concerts the specific songs are. So if you think you know some missing info or found inaccuracies, don't hesitate to contact me. If you have original boots that are not here yet, please let me know, I'm always open for trades :-)

Thank you: Thomas M. for giving me all your vinyl for such a long time to scan it in, about 20 vinyl records are from his collection.

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