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comparison of records from the same shows, comparison of compilations of b-sides, demos and radio sessions ... coming about march or april or something.

Some pages are already there, but they're not intended to be really useful yet (they're quite bare at the moment).

Shows found on at least two records: 791212.html 800524.html 800531.html 800628.html 800718.html 800816.html 800826.html 801017.html 810727.html 820607.html 840530.html 841115.html 850916.html 850920.html 860621.html 870713.html 871030.html 871206.html 890511.html 890709.html 900623.html 900706.html 900708.html 900804.html 900811.html 910117.html 910119.html 920503.html 920602.html 920609.html 950625.html 950702.html 960507.html 960801.html 980726.html 980822.html radiotv.html demos.html bsides.html bootmixes.html