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Alternative Medicine

Date/Venue: 79-93, var. studio, radio/tv, live
Label/Cat.Nr.: Chelsea Records, CFD026
Length: CD: 77'27"

  1. La Ment (flexipop version) (from Flexi-Pop 22/82)
  2. All I had to do is Kill Her (Forever) (07-Jun-82, Paris)
  3. Splintered in Her Head (07-Jun-82, Paris)
  4. Birdmad Girl (demo)
  5. Throw Your Foot (demo)
  6. Happy Birthday (Three) (31-May-80, Herford)
  7. The Caterpillar (21-Jan-91, Unplugged)
  8. The Caterpillar (demo)
  9. Close to Me (06-Jul-85, Saturday Live session)
  10. A Reflection (24-May-80, Arnheim)
  11. Pornography (07-Jun-82, Paris)
  12. I Dig You (16-Sep-85, Whitley Bay)
  13. Desperate Journalist (Grinding Halt) (May-79, Peel session)
  14. The Blood (21-Jan-91, Unplugged)
  15. Ariel (Nov-82, Kid Jensen session)
  16. Accuracy (May-79, Peel session)
  17. Hello I Love You (from Rubaiyat)
  18. Purple Haze (from Stone Free)
  19. I Dig You (from I'm a Cult Hero)
  20. I'm a Cult Hero (from I'm a Cult Hero)
complete artwork (184 kb)

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