Records are listed in the 'Records with (mainly) one concert' section, when there's less than 3 live songs from other concerts on there (less than 5 for doubles), the number of studio songs doesn't matter.

Records with (mainly) one concert
79-12-12LP10:15 on a Saturday Night, 10 Years ago, it was just right
79-12-172LPBataclan, Paris - 1979
2LPIn the Beginning
Play for Today (The Swingin' Pig Records) (three versions)
80-05-31LPFinal Romance (two versions)
2LPPlay For Today (No Label)
CDSuper Golden Radio Shows N 043 Live in Brussels 1980 (two versions)
LPThe Grave Which Grins at the Last
80-08-162LPFading Roots
CDSuper Golden Radio Shows N 024 Live in Sydney 1980
80-08-262LPLive On Prospekt Hill (Big Tit Records)
81-05-16LPDreams are Real
81-07-05CDKiss Me for Cure
81-07-27CDLive (Musictape)
CDLive in L.A., 27.07.1981
CDThe Holy Hour
82-06-072CDA l'Olympia, Paris 7.6.1982
2CDM (two versions)
CDPornography Tour 1982
CDThree Imaginary Boys
84-05-10LPAll Lovecats are Grey
84-05-21LPLive in Bologna 20/5/84
2LPLive in Milan at the Rolling Stone
CDPig in the Mirror
LPStiff as Toys
CD(Unauthorised) Live Vol. 2 (two versions)
84-11-152CDCold (two versions)
84-11-17LPLive in New York, 1982
85-06-30LPAhard Rain's-a-gonna Fall
85-07-17LPPlay for Today (TP House Productions)
85-07-23CDInbetween Days
85-09-20CDBBC 1985
LPBBC Transcription Services - In Concert 371
LPCure (Wall Records)
The 1985 European Tour (three versions)
85-11-272LPNo Cure No Pay
85-11-29LPSplittered in Her Head
85-12-02LPBehind Closed Doors (and Walls)
LPSorry Robert, We can't Stop this Fucking Taping
85-12-033LPPretty Baby Scream
Kyoto Songs
85-12-072LPLive in Italy
86-06-142LPA Day Like This
86-06-21LPBBC Transcription Services - In Concert 393
LPLive Birmingham 1986
86-08-04LPFrench Kiss
86-08-092CDSweet Talking Guy
87-03-132CDEn Argentina
87-07-13CDHaunted House
CDKiss Me Deadly
CDSweet Torture
CDThe Perfect Kiss
CDTorture (Mongoose Records)
87-07-152LPThe Cure (Tone-Def Records) ("Betty Boop")
87-10-302CDEasy Cure
2LPKiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
2CDThe Kissing Tour 1987 (Skeleton Songs)
87-12-012LPThe Kissing Tour 1987 (No Label) (two versions)
87-12-06CDDifficult to Cure
2LPThe Kissing Tour (UFO)
89-05-112CDDark Night, The Prayer Tour '89
89-05-13LPLorelei '89 (X-Ray Records)
89-05-18LPFascination Street
LPLullaby (Subversive Rock Produktions)
89-06-092CDHot Hot Hot
89-07-092CDHigh Tops 'n Hairspray
2LPLooking for Love
LPPrayer for Rain
LPLive in London 1989
LPTales of Ordinary Madness
89-??-??2LPThe Prayer Tour '89
89-09-102CDParched Corn
CDEurope 1990
Glastonbury '90 (two versions)
CDGlastonbury Festival
2CDNever Enough (Red Phantom)
CD(Unauthorised) Live Vol. 1 (two versions)
90-06-302LPDressed Up Again
2CDFull Moon Concert
2CDNever Enough (Not Guilty)
CD(Unauthorised) Cured Vol. 1 (two versions)
CD(Unauthorised) Cured Vol. 2 (two versions)
90-07-08CDClose to You
90-08-043LPLa Belle June
90-08-11CDCrystal Palace Part One
CDCrystal Palace Part Two
2LPGarden Party
CDLondon 1991
CDThe Secret Gig
91-01-19CDAlive and Well
CDDisintegration (two versions)
CDJust Like Heaven
Acoustic Daze/Accustic Daze
92-04-272CDA Wish Comes True
92-05-032CD... and Dreams Come True in '92
2CDAt the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
CDHigh in Heaven
CDHigh on Cure
CDLullaby (Discomagic)
CDUnauthorised Cured Vol. 3
CDUnauthorised Cured Vol. 4
92-06-022CDDisneyland is Cancelled
CDLive USA Vol. 2
92-06-09CDDreams Come True
CDFriday I'm in Live '92
CDIn the Deep of Your Though
CDLive USA Vol. 1
92-07-012CDFrom the Edge of the Great Northwest
92-07-112CDU.S.A. 1992 (two versions)
92-07-132CDThe Laughing Soup Dish
95-06-102CDThe Return, Sonoria '95
95-06-25CDDressing Up for a Day Out
CDGlastonbury 1995
CDHappiness in Sadness
CDLive at Glastonbury 1995
95-07-02CDIt's Nothing Left But This
96-01-272CDCure Carnival (two versions)
96-05-06CDOpera Bastille
96-05-07CDGet Wild
CDNew Songs
CDSlashed with Lipstick
CDStrawberry Kisses
96-08-01CDMessage from Jupiter
CDQueen Elisabeth Parade
96-10-232CDSwinging Crowds (two versions)
96-10-302CDThe Swing Tour '96 - Barcelona
97-10-31CDHalloween Galore
97-12-17CDShake Dog Shake (two versions)
98-07-26CDLullaby for Rothenburg
98-08-07CDNo Festival Sudoeste 98
98-08-222CD12th Bizarre Festival 1998
2CDLive '98 at the Bizarre Festival Cologne
00-02-032CD20 Years
CDBrussels' Bloodflowers
00-02-09CDBloodflowers Live!
00-02-232CDThese Flowers will Always Die
00-04-012CDOla Barcelona
00-04-112CDIn Between Milleniums
00-04-262CDDream Tour, Live April 26th, 2000, Paris, Le Zenith
2CDLike Falling Angels
CDLike Falling Angels III
Records with two to four concerts
92+922CDBite the Big Apple
84+90CDBoys From the East
96+87CDClub Adrenalin
79-912LPDead Cat Collection
98+98CDDigging in the Dirt
96+95CDDon't Forget the Stars
79+83LPGetting Old
91+90CDGifted Quacks
79-802LPGirls Don't Cry
80+79CDImaginary Songs
84-96CDKiller Cure
86+902CDMad Bob & the Screwtones
91+91LPPulling the Plug
xx-xx7"Rob Good-Bye
85-87CDStained Glass Smile
96-96CDStrange Attraction (three versions)
91+90PLPSweet Acoustic Lullaby
96+91CDSwinging Mood of London
96+91CDTeardrops and Temptations
87+85CDThe Cure Live (SW)
80+872CDThe Funeral Party Now Began
87+85CDThe Vintage Concert Series The Cure Live 1987
84-84CDThe Walk (Sarabandas) (two versions)
87+85CDThe Walk (Templar)
87+85CDTorture (Golden Stars) (two versions)
80+87CD(Unauthorised) Cured/Incurable Vol. 3
91+81CDUnplugged and More
79-80CDWe Hate Rock 'n Roll
89+87CDWembley Arena '89

79-82CD17 Boys Have Faith in Pornography
83-95CDA Thousand Virgins
8x-8xLPA Night Like This
79-93CDAlternative Medicine
Arabian Dream(s) (three versions)
87-917"At the Top
77-82CDCarnage Dream
77-84CDCarnage Visors/Curiosity Anomalies
79-96CDCollection 2000
79-89CDCollector's Curiosities
87-95CDCollector's Curiosities Vol. 2
77-96CDCollector's Kaleidoscope
77-80LPD-Day Demo's '77 '78 '79 '80
77-91CDDoctor Robert's Surgery
77-81CDDr. Robert & Mr . Smith
77-81CDEarly Symptoms - The Demotapes
77-777"Easy Cure 1st Demo (1977-1978)
79-00CDHit Collection 2000
78-82LPInvasion of the Body-Snatchers
81-91CDLost Wishes and Mixes
82-90CDMixes and Remixes (two versions)
78-96CDMore then Rare
79-002CDMTV History 2000
79-96CDNightmares and Dreams of Robert Smith
79-00CDOut of this World
79-82CDPlay for Radio
79-82LPRare Cure
78-00CDRarities Volume 2
77-90CDRazor Rare Demos Volume 3
77-90CDRazor Rare Live Volume 4
79-95CDSerious Medication
8x-9xCDShellfish's Advice
80-00CDSomeday Greatest Hits
79-862LPSpecials Volume III
78-90CDStrange Days
81-91CDStudio Daze
84-84CDSwinging Piggy in the Mirror
79-89CDThe Complete B-Side Collection 1979-1989 (two versions)
87-92CDThe Complete B-Side Collection 1987-1992 (three versions)
87-92CDThe Complete B-Side Collection 1987-1992 Vol. II
89-92CDThe Singles and Remixes 1999
The Top Studio Demos
8x-9xCDUltra Rare Trax (Montana)
8x-9xCDUltra Rare Trax (Live Storm)
81-96CDVery Best '99
79-85LPVisions of Domino
81-91CDWhat Happened Behind the Door?
77-84LPYour Silent Touch

Boot Remix Collections
82-92CDA Walk with the Cure
82-92CDFourteen Delicious Drugs (six versions)
82-89CDIt's in the Mix Vol. 2
82-92CDRazor Rare Remixes Volume 1
82-90CDRazor Rare Remixes Volume 2
79-92CDRemixes from the Heart
xxLPThe Antidote Mega Mix
82-92CDUltra Rare Trax (Ultra Records) (two versions)

MP3 collections
79-00CDMusikalnayah Entseeklopehdeeyah
Музыкальная Энциклопедия
79-00CDThe Cure (Domashnyaya Kollyektseeya) (two versions)
The Cure (Домашняя Коллекция)